Charles and Patricia Lester

Charles and Patricia Lester known for luxury women’s wear and unique interiors textiles, provide infinitely exquisite hand crafted one-off works of art for body and home. In these pages you will find a sample selection illustrating some of the possibilities. Every single item is hand painted, printed and crafted in our studios in South Wales by our small but highly skilled specialist team.

From individual one-off bespoke art pieces to whole wardrobes we create unique garments designed especially for each and every person who is looking for interesting and beautiful clothes to wear. Using our signature hand painted, printed and pleated fabrics every piece is a work of art. Whilst there are plenty of items to buy direct from stock, we will always ensure that we can design and make outfits to satisfy your particular needs and requirements.

We are more than happy to guide you through the various options available – from stock that is already available to the more specialist bespoke pieces designed and crafted especially for you.