Jackets Wraps Cardigans and Coats

From short wraps and cardigans to the long and magnificent full-length opera coats this collection of Lester jackets and coats offer luxurious statement pieces for relaxing around the home or attending the most glamorous of occasions.

Some pieces are one-off hand painted velvets for winter warmth and luscious elegance. Other pieces are created in silks or the lighter weight devoré velvets which are wonderful for summer outfits.

These over pieces are perfect for adding a touch of the exotic to a simple outfit, a comforting bit of warmth for a cool summer evening party or for the most elegant and sophisticated of events – red carpet, a formal ball, a civic presentation or an art gallery preview. Any of the velvet and coats will add that extra touch of glamour. Of course for our artists and performers there are the show-stopping robes which are a magnificent accompaniment for the talented and gorgeous.

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