Luxury Skirts & Trousers

Skirts of all kinds  – Slim bias skirts, full bias skirts, patchwork skirts, straight skirts, pleated silk skirts, opera skirts and so on. Trousers – slim fitting, elegant and full, opera trousers and wrap around trousers.

Simple styles that are flattering for various figure shapes. The two favourite shapes are the slim bias skirt and the mermaid skirt, which highlight a slim outline without restricting the body movement. The Mermaid skirt is a variation of the slim bias skirt, which has an inset in the back seam, this gives even more fluidity in the skirt without detracting from the slim line.

The full bias skirt is just that – a skirt with a generous amount of fabric – giving a neat shape at the top and lots of movement at the hem. The straight skirts including the opera skirt and the wrap-around skirt are both elegant and comfortable to wear.

All skirts are available in a variety of fabrics – from the lighter weight silks to the sumptuous luxury of the silk velvets. Perfect for wearing with a cashmere jumper for home entertaining (or curling up in a comfy chair to read) or adding a silk art top for going out and partying.

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