Haute Couture Art by Charles and Patricia Lester

Charles and Patricia Lester known for luxury women’s wear and unique interiors textiles, provide infinitely exquisite hand crafted one-off works of art for body and home. In these pages you will find a sample selection illustrating some of the possibilities. Every single item is hand painted, printed and crafted in our studios in South Wales by our small but highly skilled specialist team.

From individual one-off bespoke art pieces to whole wardrobes we create unique garments designed especially for each and every person who is looking for interesting and beautiful clothes to wear. Using our signature hand painted, printed and pleated fabrics every piece is a work of art. Whilst there are plenty of items to buy direct from stock, we will always ensure that we can design and make outfits to satisfy your particular needs and requirements.

We are more than happy to guide you through the various options available – from stock that is already available to the more specialist bespoke pieces designed and crafted especially for you.

Luxury Couture Art

Art pieces hand crafted using our signature hand pleated silks. Simple classical elegance for the more formal society events. Perfect statement pieces to go with the little black dress or the more ornate couture dress designed for white tie events.

Dresses – Bias silk, long velvet, pleated silk dresses – daytime, cocktail, party, evening and casual kaftans. The variety of dresses range from simple sophisticated styles to the more creative pieces.

Skirts of all kinds – Slim bias skirts, full bias skirts, patchwork skirts, straight skirts, pleated silk skirts, opera skirts and so on. Trousers – slim fitting, elegant and full, opera trousers and wrap around trousers.

Tops – There are simple tops that are useful pieces as well as the more eccentric and flowing tops that make a real statement. Charles and Patricia Lester tops are glamorous, elegant, creative, fun, comfortable and very useful – for every day wear or special occasions.

Two piece outfits – invariably consisting of a top and skirt are wonderfully flexible outfits. They can be worn together with our magnificent coats, jackets and wraps or the individual items can be mixed with other separates giving you plenty of options from just one outfit.

Coats and Jackets – From short wraps and cardigans to the long and magnificent full-length coats this collection of Lester jackets and coats offer luxurious statement pieces for relaxing around the home or attending the most glamorous of occasions.

Vintage – Delicious one-off rare pieces from the archives. Special vintage pieces from the early days of the creative journey as well as one or two collectable treasures from the costume collection featured on stage in opera or on the silver screen. Each work of art has its own uniquely special story.