How to buy

How to buy

Because of the unique nature of our work and the huge variety of styles, we offer a couple of options for customers looking for a new outfit.

If you like our elegant styles, the delicious variety of colours, the sensuality of the fabrics and the vibrancy of our unique prints and designs, then we will more than likely be able to find something for you – always. We just need to get to know you, what suits you and what you love to wear.

Select directly from stock

We have a large selection of items already in stock, most of which is available online here at From individual pieces to complete outfits, accessories to gifts, there is invariably a good selection available for you to try on and find the styles and colours that suit you the best.


Unfortunately this option is no longer available! Since closing the studios in November 2021, we are no longer able to do special orders.

1-2-1 consultancy

The possibilities and variations are endless but we are here, at the end of the telephone, email or in person to help you find exactly what you need and want. If ever you become overwhelmed with choice then with our expertise and experience we can help you find the perfect outfit for you and your needs. Remote or virtual appointments are also now possible through the use of Zoom.

Once we get to know your preferences then invariably we can come up with suggestions of things that you would not ordinarily see. If you like, call it treasure hunting with your own personal Lester guide.

This tends to be a very holistic approach as the we give you undivided attention and talk with you about everything that matters. We listen to your hopes, desires and your concerns too. It’s not always just about choosing the right colour or shape, feeling amazing is important too. We will not only help you choose the right garments but offer suggestions on styling and accessories too.

How does this work?

Give us a call or send an email. Let us know what you need and want and we will walk you through the process. If you are looking for something for a particular event, then telling us about the type of event it is, the time, place and location can help us to put together a selection of options for you. The more time we have the bigger the possibilities.

When we know the sort of colours, styles and designs you like, we can begin to refine that selection and create a collection of pertinent options for you to try.

Buying, trying and returns – our guarantee. 

We want all our friends and customers to be thoroughly delighted with the pieces that they have bought. We want to know that the clothes that we have spent countless hours creating have found a loving home where they will be treasured for many years to come. However, we do realise that when buying things by email or over the internet it is not always easy to gauge whether something is a perfect match or not. So if something that you buy from our ready made stock is not entirely what you expect then we do offer a full refund (terms do apply). This is unfortunately not possible with special orders and anything that we make or alter especially for you but we will always do what we can to ensure that the finished item is exactly as ordered.