The Lester Gallery of Wearable Art

Wearable Art

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Luxurious, sexy, sassy and sophisticated dresses in velvets, silks and our classic hand pleated silks. For any occasion, day or evening not forgetting our options for bridal and wedding dresses too.


Whether you are looking for something special for an evening event or something more casual to throw on with a pair of jeans, there are a wide variety of tops – slim and strappy to the flattering overblouses for the fuller look.

What’s New

All the latest precious creations emerging from the studios.

Jackets, Coats and Wraps

From the little evening wraps to wear over your evening dress to the full length sumptuous coats and opulent jackets, for day or evening, for special occasions, day time shopping or holiday wear. Wear with sophisticated outfits for iconic occasions or over jeans for the less formal events.

Pleated Jackets

Unique, universal and elegantly flexible these jackets are very popular. Beautifully crafted out of our hallmark hand pleated silk, some are simple and classic designs whilst others can be considerably more ornate with hand swirled and hand beaded decorative designs.

Skirts and Trousers

There are the ever popular slim bias skirts, patchwork, the full bias skirts or ones that are straight cut giving a slimline look. Again, these are available in a variety of flat silks, velvets or our hand pleated silks. Trousers in both the flat silks and velvet are available too.


Along with the rare costume pieces are items that date back to the earl days of the business often using fabrics that are no longer available. Again, once these pieces have gone, they can never be repeated or replaced.

Two pieces and Complete outfits

As each piece of fabric is dyed individually especially for each of the garments and outfits we create, then we always need to create complete outfits to ensure that the colour match is just perfect. They are always supplied as complete sets.

Wool jackets

A very limited collection of hand dyed felted wool jackets made using a fabric that we cannot get again. Once they have gone, then they cannot be replaced. As with all pieces on the site, they are made one by one individually.


There is a fabulous selection of extras, including scarves, shawls, bags, even some hand dyed one-off shopping bags. You will also find a small selection of Georgina Lester’s button jewellery and Anouska Lester’s hand painted T-shirts too.

Costumes from theatre and film

Occasionally, very occasionally, we allow some of the very rare pieces out to find someone to treasure them. Their provenance is unlike any other in that they have played a special part in some other bigger project. Even rarer still is if one of these pieces has been worn by a celebrity in a feature film or production. Once they have gone then they are gone. It will never be possible to replace them.

Sale items

For the bargains, seconds, random strays that need a home