Velvet, Wool and Silk Jackets

Interesting and unusual jackets for daytime events and the more casual occasions in quilted silks and felted wool.

Quilted silks are a part of a collaborative project with Jackie O’Halloran – from the Isle of Man. Reversible, delicious, elegant and very cosy.

Felted wool jackets for day wear and to wear into the evening if a bit of comfort warmth is required – creative yet not too dressy. Hand marbled or painted these wool jackets are made from a pure wool fabric of which we only have limited stocks. It felts in a particular way that we cannot guarantee to repeat again. Once the fabric has gone then we are unlikely to be able to purchase it again.

Fabulous for gallery openings, summer evening parties and performances or just wearing out shopping. Luxurious, deliciously colourful and very practical.

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