Luxury Silk and Velvet Tops

Statement tops and blouses

Tops and blouses are a vital addition to any wardrobe.  They can either be a discrete modesty item or a strong statement piece.  A cleverly chosen blouse will create a significant impression.

Tops that vary in their function

Simple camisoles to wondrously full opulent tops that are works of art in their own right. Tops vary in their function – simple camisole tops for modesty to go under sheer decorative pieces or as a simple under garment under a jacket or a dramatic show-off kind of statement – colour, movement, fluidity.

Extravagant accessory or discretely modest?

Tops and blouses can be the most extravagant accessory that is the main feature of an outfit or an understated basic and useful modesty item.

Luxury in a variety of fabrics

We create tops and blouses out of a variety of fabrics – the luxury of our signature hand pleated silks, the luscious velvets and different weaves and textures of silk. We also use viscose fabrics and sometimes cotton.

Plain and simple or embellished

The fabrics are hand painted in layers of colour to give an iridescence.  There are many print designs and sometimes we add toning beads for extra evening glamour.

Creative, fun, glamourous and elegant

Our collections would not be complete without a selection of tops made  using our signature hand pleated silks. Beaded or plain, they too come in a variety of designs to suit different occasions and purposes. Charles and Patricia Lester tops are glamorous, elegant, creative, fun, comfortable and very useful –  for everyday wear or special occasions.

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