Pleated silk Jackets

The luxury of pleated silk jackets

These luxury silk pleated jackets are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe.  They add glamour to the simplest outfit – and make a significant statement about your individuality.

Pleated silk statement pieces

These jackets are interesting and varied.  Some are simple short cropped bolero types.  Others are very long and with as many as 8 widths of the pleated silk – giving the garment a liquid and sensual quality.

Ornate and dramatic

They can be subtly ornate with beading that tones with the colours of the silk.  Or they can become quite dramatic in a sophisticated way with beads raining down around the hem.  This weight creates a moving work of art.

High society ‘red carpet’ events

A pleated silk jacket over a simple evening gown adds a special touch that always draws attention to the wearer.  Perfect for high society red carpet events.

An alternative understated look for the summer social calendar
Teamed with a classic pair of jeans, a crisp white shirt – what better than that kind of informal smart look to attend the Henley Regetta.  For Ascot, a must in the summer social calendar – a simple silk two piece – a perfectly delicious pleated silk jacket and the most gloriously decadent  and outrageous hat.
A perfect gift for someone’s very special anniversary.

When there is someone really special in your life and you want to show how much you appreciate them – then there is nothing more precious to give than one of these pleated jackets.  Gifting a garment can be tricky, but because these jackets are very flexible then there is no worry about how well one might fit.  Molton gold for a golden wedding celebration. A shimmer of moonlight for a silver wedding anniversary gift

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