Two Pieces

 Two Piece Outfits

Two piece outfits – invariably consisting of a top and skirt are wonderfully flexible outfits. They can be worn together with our magnificent coats, jackets and wraps or the individual items can be mixed with other separates giving you plenty of options from just one outfit.

Flattering dress option

Two pieces are also a flattering ‘dress’ option for those of us with certain body shapes which are just not suited to dress styles. Regardless of whether you are larger on top or at the hips, the great thing about two pieces, you can have perfect fitting separates which together are as elegant and sophisticated as any evening dress.

Simple basic two piece to be dressed up or down

Favourites include the simple silk two pieces which can be dressed up or down depending on how you style them. From the smart casual look for daytime functions before being transformed with luxury jewels and silk evening wraps perfect for striding into black tie events. Two pieces are invariably created together so that the colours tone perfectly.

Flexible special occasion outfits

The joy of finding a perfect two piece outfit is that it makes a flexible addition to any wardrobe.  Put them together for a simple and elegant statement or separate them to create a unique look.

Mix colours, make it wild.

Going to an art gallery private view – put colours that fight and sing, mix the colours make it wild and creative – be your own work of art.
Have fun with your separates

Always try to have fun mixing up your favourite separates – because that is what two pieces are perfect for getting a look that is individually you!

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