Luxury Skirts & Trousers

Skirts of all kinds

We have a range of skirts made out of all kinds of fabrics.  Our signature pleated fabric makes an elegant slim-fitting skirt.  Teamed with the luxurious ‘Anybody’s jacket’ has been an all time favourite.

Slender and flattering bias skirts

These flattering bias skirts are a must to give the impression of a slender figure.  They are made in both the silks and velvets – either as part of an outfit or sold individually.

Patchwork, flamenco, drama

To add a unique and dramatic look to the slim bias skirts we add patchwork flounces – perfect for those who enjoy the drama of flamenco dancing.

Trousers, pants, leggings

Whatever language you use – we make trousers (English), pants (American) – nothing complicated just basic trousers for casual outfits.  The fabrics vary from the wonderful heavy crepe silks to the luxury velvets.  They vary in shape from snug leggings to full wide legged ‘opera’ trousers – so named when we made something similar for the opera ‘Iris’.

Silk crinkle for summer and holidays

My favourite fabric for summer holidays is a crinkle silk – perfect for easy travelling – it can be washed and hung to dry without the need to iron or worry about becoming crushed when packed.

Pyjamas the perfect choice during the pandemic!

We have all got used to wearing pyjamas or the equivalent during the period we have been under house arrest.  And as a result we have learnt to love the perfect choice of comfort and ease of casual wear rather than the restrictions of tightly fitted garments controlling our bodies.  New and interesting variants have appeared on many Zoom meetings and will continue to do so as our lives have changed so dramatically.  Certainly a different slant on the ‘pyjama party’ so fashionable in the 1920s.

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