Adrianna Jacket in Linen Mix in Red Rose Coral with Cube Phantom Print


Style Name:  Adrianna Jacket
Colour:  Red Rose Coral
Fabric:  Linen Mix
Print Design: Cube
Print Type: 

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Rare fabrics to play with and experiment

This is one of those fabrics which we like to try out to see how well they work.  A small roll of fabric has been fun to play with and experiment with new techniques.

Linen mix textile

This is a linen mix textile – unidentified as far as the ‘mix’ bit is concerned, but the way it took the colour we suspect it could be viscose.  However the end result are a few simple summer jackets.

Summer casual jacket

The weather in Britain is variable – even mid summer it can be unpredictable – so a lightweight comfort jacket is always a useful standby as well as an understated bit of glamour for asual day wear.

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