Elegant Vintage Evening Cape in Hand Pleated Silk


This cape was made for Barbra Streisand to go with a dress that she had already bought from us – but the colour was not quite right so she returned the cape to us. Another outfit that she bought was one that she wore when she was nominated for an Oscar for her film ‘Prince of Tides’ – that night she wore a delicate pink dress of ours with a matching pleated cape. I say that she bought – which she did, not subscribing to the current culture of expecting gifts. We are a tiny company and cannot afford to give clothes away because we do not have the massive PR machinery to publicise the event. So thank you Miss Streisand for showing this respect for our work and thank you to all the other exotic stars who have parted with money to own a little bit of our work.

This cape is the only piece in the whole world – it is a reall collectable item.

Length approx 32″
Number of panels = 9

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Some of these vintage styles can be replicated even though we have not made another one of this shape.

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