Genevieve Jacket Stripe Weave Silk Noile in Caramel with Fringe detail and Damson silk trim


Style Name:  Genevieve Jacket
Colour:  Caramel and Damson
Fabric:  Silk Slub Noile Stripe with Silk Appliqué Trim
Size:  12-16

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Day wear jacket in silk noile

Silk noile is a beautiful unsung hero of the world of silk.  The slubby texture and density of the woven cloth makes people think that it is not silk.  However I have always loved it and have found it to improve with age and wearing.  So here is an experimental and creative way to use this fabric for casual day wear.  Caramel stripe woven cloth with a trim of damson silk applique.

Casual day wear art wear

A rather simple and understated jacket – perfect length for a driving jacket – and lovely to wear on a casual outing.

Experimental textile art

In exploring new fabrics and ideas we try to combine our signature hand painted silks with a new experiment.  This jacket is trimmed with some silk and a detail of pulled threads to create a fringe.  Another totally unique garment – we only painted a small piece of fabric so it is not repeatable although there might be some similar being made as I enjoyed creating this piece – never the same!


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