Lion’s Mane luxury hand crochet wrap scarf in alpaca, silk & cotton

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Design: Lion’s Mane Alpaca Wrap
Colour: Pink Umber Brown
Style: Hand crocheted
Fibres: Main fibre – alpaca with fine threads of cotton, silk and viscose

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Individually hand crochet scarf in super soft and luxurious brown alpaca with cotton and fine silk and viscose threads. Crocheted surface pattern work throughout with ‘lion’s mane’ looped crochet at either end. Ideal for anyone allergic to sheep’s wool being ultra soft and easy to wear. This is a one-off piece with no others like it ever made. You will never meet anyone wearing the same scarf as I only ever made one.

Due to the handmade nature of this scarf expect slubs and imperfections.

Approximately 81″ long 12″ wide along the length increasing to 16″ at ends. Please note that these measurements are ‘at rest’

Care Instructions: Hand wash with gentle detergent. Dry flat OR – specialist dry clean.


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